The Lowdown On Penny Stocks

By Brian

What are penny stocks? Are they worth investing in? What can they do for me? If you’ve recently considered investing in penny stocks, chances are you have asked these questions.

Risky Investments

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines a penny stock as a stock that is under $5 a share. However, some don’t classify a share as penny stock unless it is under $3 or even $1. Penny stock also includes stock that is currently on the pink sheets or the over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB).

If you are considering investing in penny stocks, you should understand that it is often more risky to invest in these stocks. One of the reasons penny stocks are risky investments is that they have a lack of history. They are often newer stocks or the company is near bankruptcy, which means the corporation may not be stable. Things like lack of liquidity, no minium standards and lack of public information are also factors that make penny stocks risky investments.

Beware of Scams

Because they seem to be such an affordable and easy investment, penny stocks are used by scammers to attract victims.

One approach scammers use is advertising. They send emails or pay third-party organizations like newsletters or even radio programs to encourage you to purchase their stock. If you receive advertising emails, you should read them carefully and do some research into the stock that is being advertised.

Fact vs. Fiction
Another approach that is common among penny-stock scammers is using offshore brokers. SEC regulations allow companies to sell stock to foreign investors without registering their stocks. Scammers take advantage of this by selling highly-discounted stock to foreign investors who then sell them back to investors in the United States for a large profit. If you want a good trustworthy authority on penny stocks, you should pay attention to Tim Sykes.

There are many misconceptions about penny stocks. It can be dangerous to believe some of these falsehoods because they can cause financial harm or even ruin. Doing your homework about any investment you are considering is extremely important.

One often-repeated myth of penny stocks is that stocks that are now successful and valuable started out as penny stocks. This myth starts when people make the mistake of analyzing the “adjusted stock price.” Looking at this figure, it may seem that stocks of huge corporations started out at eight cents, but if more research is done, you can see that they in fact started out around $20.

Another fallacy about penny stocks is that since they are so cheap, there is lots of room for appreciation, so making money on them is simple. However, it is important to remember stocks can also fall in price, making them lose value quickly.

If you are considering investing in penny stocks, remember to do your research, undersand the risks and beware of scams.

Roth IRAs Vs 401Ks

By Brian

The recent upheavals in the stock and housing market have caused many to stop and ponder and worry about their financial situation. Literally individuals have gone from being secure financially to being absolutely poor within a single day. In these hard and trying times many are asking the question “Is there any safe investment left for the average man?” Fortunately there are options beyond the stock market and other commodities. Roth IRA’s and 401(k)’s are a good and secure place to invest funds into at this time. While both of these are great options for any investor there are some key differences between them. This article will briefly list the key differences.

  • Contribution amounts allowed:

One of the key differences between these two, is the amount allowed to be placed within these accounts each year. A 401(k) only allows up to $5,000 for individuals to set aside each year. The amount is higher for person over fifty; they are allowed $6,000 per year. An Roth IRA whether traditional or Roth allows a much higher amount per years. Almost three times the amount allowed by the former. The limit for individuals under fifty is $16,500 and for those over 50 the amount allowed is $22,000.

  • Utilizing Annuities:
It is often said that buying an annuity with your Roth IRA is a little excessive. This is based on the fact that your annuity is based on a great feature that you get a tax-free inheritance. On the other hand the pros and cons of annuities in a 401(k) may not be such a bad idea, as it helps in securing funds upon a death. It essentially secures and insures retirement security for the future of the 401k holder.

  • Employer Match:

For individuals who are not self employed the added benefit of employer match is a strong difference between a 401(k) and IRA. The employee who chooses to employ the 401(k) can have their contributions matched by the employer up to a given percentage. This amount is determined chiefly by the employer. This is essentially free money that the employee gets for simply contributing. The Roth IRA offers no such program at all.

  • Income caps to contributions:

Another key difference between these two is the cap that is placed upon the ability to contribute if the investor has an income over a given amount. A single person earning up to $120,000 or less is allowed to make a contribution to an Roth IRA, while individuals who make more than that are not allowed to do so , this is also true for married couples who make more than $176,000 a year. A 401(k) does not have any such limitations based upon income. Individuals are allowed to contribute regardless of their annual take income.

  • Disbursement of Funds:

At the time of disbursement of funds a 401(k) will be at that time taxed. A Roth IRA, for example the Roth variety, will not be taxed at that time since it has already been taxed a much earlier time. This difference is significant and can radically alter the dispersed amount. The 401(k) also require disbursements to begin no later than when the individual is 70.5 years old. The Roth IRA again does not have any suck requirement.

While there are other smaller differences between these two varieties, these are the major differences between the two. Both will allow the investor to have a source of solid returns. The investor must decide which one of these works best for them and their financial goals.

How To Promote Your Event or Business

By Brian

In order to successfully promote an event or business, one must take proactive measures. The company or person must think of ways to turn the event or business into a subliminal adhesive. A subliminal adhesive is something that sticks in a person’s mind and is very difficult to pull off. Making ideas stick is the key to successful promotion. The process or procedure does not have to be expensive to achieve success. In fact, some very inexpensive techniques have a history of bringing in an enormous amount of people.

Any business or person who wants to promote will have to be willing to make some kind of investment. Promotional and custom pens and promotional notepads are excellent because they are not overly expensive. A company could purchase those items in bulk and save a bundle. In addition, there will be numerous pens and pads available for promotion.

A successful promotional pen or notepad will have the name of the business printed on it. It will also display the company’s phone number and e-mail address if this is possible. If the individual or company is promoting an event, the date and address of the event should be displayed clearly.

Circulating promo pens is not difficult. Almost everyone needs a pen at some point in time. The promoter can hand the items out to someone at every place he or she goes. He or she may also leave a cup full of pens at other establishments for people to take at their leisure. In addition, the promoting party should give free pens to every one of his or her existing customers so that they may hand them out to their friends and family members. Once the promotional items are in place, subliminal persuasion will begin.

People write down information at least twice a day. Some people may need to use a promo pen up to ten times in one day. Every time that individual reaches for the pen to write something, he or she will see the name of the business. That person will see the phone number of the business or the date of the event. The information hits the eyes and processes through to the brain. The customer’s brain will then desire to do business with the company on the pen without knowing it. Other people will want to attend an event badly with no idea why. Promotional items are psychologically ingenious. Every business should use them.


Best ways to make easy money offline

By Brian

Most people come across many money making opportunities in as tey carry on with their daily routines. Having green house projects, lemonade stands, selling or distributing fresh fruits and juices, taking part in day time or part time jobs all prospectively help individuals make an extra buck as offline opportunities.

Multilevel marketing is one of the most lucrative businesses today. How MLM works remains a very interesting and simple process, companies devices a business model that incorporates autonomous systems of ensuring that their goods or services reach end users. Multilevel marketing uses individuals to sell the company’s goods or services at a contractual agreement for a fee. Each individual can use other independent contractors to sell the goods and services, hence the name network marketing. The larger group referred to as the network always works best with support systems to boost sales with each individual set of connections.

If you ever thought of become rich then real estate should be one consideration. This is an investment that can be done from anywhere irrespective of the level of education and occupation. This industry presents many opportunities; however, it takes a bit of investment for any individual to learn the modus operandi before making it. Real estate investments require some effort since investors must have some basic knowledge of their local markets, look at the dailies, and understand business cycles, mortgage interest rates, environmental aspects amongst others so that you can get the right mix that creates real value in properties.

Stock is also considered as one of the best ways to make easy money offline. This trade lets you take part in business ownership without being directly involved in the daily operations. The real job comes when you have to make an investment decision in a stable locally based company or foreign based investments that promise growth into the future. Your goal should be focused on building a portfolio of investments that will let you sit back and watch as your wealth grows. There are some risks involved which calls for strategic moves since there are a number of uncertainties associated with this industry. However, in this market the bigger the risk warrants greater returns in the end, it is imperative to note that investors have various ways of cautioning themselves against certain risks.

Apart from the above mentioned money making opportunities, there are many other ways to make money offline, you only need to have the will to take the risk or conviction in your idea.

Easy Ways to Save Money

By Brian

It’s safe to say that no matter how good the economy is, frugality is never out of fashion. Families and individuals are always looking for ways to cut costs. Americans are especially adept at creating and finding ways to stretch the dollar. With the American economy in a constant state of flux, we have become experts at recycling, re-using, and re-figuring.

Here are a few ways to save money without resorting to drastic measures:

Switching to a New Phone Service – Phone companies are constantly upgrading and reconfiguring their services. If you’ve been locked into a time commitment contract, you may have to wait until your contract has expired or you may face a rather heavy fee for dropping out early. If, however, you were lucky enough to buy into a non-contractual agreement, switching to another phone service could be a great way to save. Sometimes it is smarter to switch over to an internet phone service. One VOIP phone service provider offers a no-contract agreement with a healthy amount of minutes and bandwidth per month. The monthly price for that is $30.00. The only real caveat is having to renew it monthly, a small price to pay.

Pumping Gas at the Gas Station – The best time to fill up is in the morning. The cooler temperature allows the gas to flow freer; You get “more gas” for your money. Another tip is to refrain from holding the handle tighter for a faster flow. Maintaining a slower flow keeps the flow and the pump’s computer accountability more in sync. At a faster rate, the computer counter doesn’t accurately reflect the actual amount pumped.

Coupons – A few decades ago, shopping with coupons was done in one way only; You had to buy the Sunday newspaper and cut the coupons out. Today, there are so many websites that offer free coupons. An astute shopper can save 50% or more simply by acquiring grocery coupons online. And, grocery items are only the tip of the iceberg. There are coupons available for just about any product imaginable. Manufacturers recognize the value of coupons as an attractant to shoppers and have come out full force in their support of that concept.



How To Become More Financially Literate

By Brian

A time comes in everyone’s life where they will see a need to become more financially literate. It may be sparked by a reoccurring issue with paying their bills. Some consumers may be continuously maxing out credit cards. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. The end result will ultimately lead to pondering the same question: How does one become more financially literate?

There’s no simple answer. It involves a combination of different things. Most of these may be familiar things. A few may be things that people have never heard of. It takes a person that is willing to open their mind to the unthinkable with matters such as this.

Credit Scores

People have always debated about how to get a good credit score rating and knowing the facts behind the factors themselves will not only help you understand credit scores but will help you increase your own.

Private Tutoring

An individual that needs an increase their knowledge on financial management may not necessarily have a problem with paying their bills. They may be doing most things right. These individuals may simply feel a desire to have better control over what they make, spend, and save. These are the people that benefit from private tutors the most.

A person that specializes in financial literacy can help consumers establishes some routines that work. They can show the average person how to become an excellent manager of their finances. They have the ability to coach a person that needs to be pushed into the right direction.

Budget Planning

Everyone knows what they make. Few people know what they spend. It’s a problem for many people because most individuals simply spend until they are out of money. This may work for one or two paychecks, but it can become a problem soon after.

Individuals that are serious about gaining knowledge over the world of finances must start at home. They must be able to access their own spending before they can make investments or trade stocks. A person that knows how to handle money inside the home will be better prepared to save and invest in their future.

Reading about the Unknown

People that want to find out about the unknown will have to pick up a book or a magazine and read about financial management. This is how people increase their knowledge or various topics. They may have to buy books. They may have to explore their local library. The problem will not be in finding books. There are tons of books on finances. To the contrary, the issue will be finding the best books for a peculiar situation.

How To File For a Tax Extension Online

By Brian

Preparation of tax returns can be involving and this makes most individuals fail to reach the deadline for paying taxes. In respect to this, people should know that tax extension is an option available through IRS tax extension sites when it is not possible to meet the deadline.

Preparing and filling your tax returns is an important duty and should be done on time to avoid penalties. As the 15th of April draws near, most people are usually on the rush to avoid being penalized. To avoid such situations, it is important to seek for an extension but this should not be an excuse for filing your returns late.

It is important to know how to file for a tax extension online. All that is required completion of the IRS Form 4868 with the information required before the 15th of April. The best thing is that you will not need to give an explanation for late returns.

Filing for tax extension is an option available to almost all American taxpayers. There are several sites that offer e-filing and extension services. The form provided requires some basic information and on completion your extension application will be submitted directly to the IRS. Following your submission you will receive an email confirmation showing the extension deadline as 15th October.

The automatic response is usually immediate, this is also important since records of your extension are held online and this is important for future reference. The tax extensions usually give a grace period of six months, however, this does not extend the period for paying any taxes that are due for payment. Tax owed should be paid by the 15th of April with no exceptions.

It is important to run with your tax returns early enough within the six month grace period to avoid the last minute rush. Six months might seem a long time, but some people fail to meet the 15th October deadline, this puts them in an awkward position since they have to provide solid explanations to convince IRS officials in order to secure another extension.

To enjoy full tax extension benefits browse  online and research where you can submit your forms so that you can have a peace of mind since you get immediate confirmation from IRS and you secure more time to file your tax returns correctly.